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Dubbo Roster Dispute

Aug 18, 2020Update

Once again, the ongoing matter of the application of the Op Crew system to Regional rosters has led to another dispute. In this instance, the Dubbo roster for the coming fortnight was distributed in the Op Crew format which resulted in that roster not containing ADO’s, line numbers, allocation of overtime or fatigue scores. This is nothing new as the same dispute have been lodged on 5 previous occasions for the same breaches in different depots. When questioned about the breaches, managements arrogant response was “that’s just the way it is, get used to it”. They further refused to accept the original dispute on the grounds that it was issued by a member and not the delegate which clearly shows their ignorance of the EA and the rights contained therein. Once the Loco Division intervened a new roster was issued that complied with the requirements of the EA. Obviously this continued issuing and re-issuing of rosters is good practice, it wastes everyone’s time and effort and apparently nothing is learned in the process as the same mistakes continue to occur and we’re sure we’ll be disputing this matter again in the future.