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COVID-19 Authorised Worker Requirements

Aug 27, 2021COVID19 Update

The NSW Government recently announced that new COVID-19 requirements will be in place for Authorised Workers  from Local Government Areas of Concern from Monday, 30 August. 

Under the new Public Health Order (PHO), Authorised Workers who live in, but work outside their Local  Government Area (LGA) of concern are only permitted to work if they have had their first vaccination dose by 30  August OR if rapid antigen testing is implemented at their worksite. You will also require a permit to travel from  Service NSW.  


Late yesterday, 26 August 2021, the NSW Government granted a temporary exemption/amendment for transport  workers to the above restrictions as follows: 

From Monday, 30 August, there will be 3 waysthat Authorised workers can leave the 12 affected LGAs to attend work:

  1. You have had the first dose of a COVID vaccine;
  2. Your employer has rapid antigen testing in the workplace; or
  3. You have a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test every 3 days (the same process as the surveillance testing  recently in place for all workers/members in Fairfield and Canterbury Bankstown LGAs).

The Locomotive Division will continue to advocate for rapid antigen testing in all workplaces as the interim measure of 72-hour surveillance testing is not sustainable and is unfairly onerous on members.Some other important information for Locomotive Division Members:

  • From Saturday, 28 August, a permit system will commence for authorised workers living in an LGA of concern  who have to leave that LGA for work.
  • Members will also require a permit if they live outside the LGAs of concern and travel into an LGA for work.
  • If you are transiting through an LGA of concern, you do not need a permit. You only need a permit if you are  leaving the vehicle (Crew Cab/Train), for example, a crib break, or a change of ends.  
  • As has been the requirement for some time in other transport sectors, including our freight members, it is  up to individuals to apply for and confirm a permit if required.
  • The permits portal for travel within NSW is now live, Members can apply for a permit here:  https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/register-your-travel-within-nsw 

The Locomotive Division is advising all Sydney Trains members, and members within NSW Trains who may crib or  change ends in an affected LGA, to obtain a Service NSW permit. 

The COVID-19 situation remains frustrating and fluid as the NSW Government continues to make decisions without  consideration of the impacts on workers.  

Members will be advised of any and all developments as they occur and the Locomotive Division will continue ensure  Members are supported and safe.

Download a copy of the Footplate here.