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Continuing concerns about CountryLink training

Feb 24, 2012Update

The RTBU Loco Division is continuing to try and resolve a dispute with RailCorp about training for CountryLink drivers.

On February 20, the Locomotive Division attended a conciliation session at Fair Work Australia regarding the ongoing dispute with RailCorp about CountryLink training and assessment developments.

The conciliation was as a result of the Locomotive Division making application in FWA to have the matter dealt with as a breach of clause 133.1 of the RailCorp 2010 EA.

Clause 133.1 of RailCorp EA requires parties to agree, not merely consult, on competency-based training and assessment in CountryLink.

The Union expressed its concerns about RailCorp’s lack of consultation with the RTBU and our belief that what was being used and proposed was not in compliance with the Rail Safety Act s.21 which requires rail safety workers to be assessed as competent against Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The outcome of the hearing was that the Locomotive Division would meet with RailCorp as previously agreed on Thursday February 23 to discuss RailCorp’s new draft Competency Management document for CountryLink. Agreed protocols and management of any future discussions are also on the agenda and both parties will report back to FWA and Commissioner Hamberger on March 5 to assess how the negotiations / consultation process are progressing.

The Division also remains in dispute with CountryLink on a number of other issues including 48 Class and ICE Radio training.