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Cleanliness on the slide at RailCorp

Nov 9, 2011Update

Driver complaints about cleaning standards are on the rise as RailCorp continues its cleaning reform agenda.

Cleanliness of cabs, meal rooms and standby facilities is a workplace health and safety issue.

Drivers should report all cases of unacceptable cleaning standards and not bring a train into service unless it meets minimum standards.

If a meal room or standby facility is found not to be clean then your delegate and supervisor should be advised; a dispute should be lodged and alternative facilities requested.

Crib should not be commenced until an alternative crib facility has been provided and crib actually commenced, which in some cases might mean drivers are not available for their next job, which would then need to be covered.

Drivers will receive the full support of the Division for refusing to use inadequately cleaned and maintained facilities.

The Division is continuing to pursue cases of inadequate cleaning and crew facilities for drivers.

Thanks to all those who contributed to our Hot Topic on crew facilities – it is crucial that drivers continue to bring all cases of inadequate or dirty facilities to the attention of the RTBU and RailCorp.

The Division will use all the comments received from members in our ongoing discussions with all employers as to the provision of acceptable and sufficient crew facilities and the development of clauses for future Enterprise Agreements.