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CF 44 locomotives a pain in the neck for PN Coal drivers

Mar 6, 2012Update

The CF 44 Class locomotives continue to create issues for our members within Pacific National.

These locomotives have been built to CFCLA’s specifications by United Goninan to the same template as the Xstrata XRN locomotives and do not have the usual standard cab equipment.

The cab has only a microwave rather than a hotplate, and a much smaller fridge. The biggest safety issue is the large telementery screen positioned high above the driver’s head, which means drivers have to take their eyes off the track and crane their neck up to see the screen. At the moment many drivers are using a portable screen in the usual location and not using the overhead screen at all.

The RTBU is disappointed by the lack of consultation and has been trying to work through the issues with PN Coal, which says that as the locos have been leased from Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia nothing can be changed in the cab.

In contrast, PN Intermodal division are purchasing the same type of locomotives and have been consulting fully with the RTBU depot reps across the division in regard to the equipment to be supplied on the locomotives.