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BREAKING: RMC and RailTrain stopped in their tracks – RTBU members win the Right to be Union 

Sep 20, 2018News Railtrain

RTBU members have secured a major victory at the Fair Work Commission against RMC Track and Civil and its parent company Railtrain.

RMC scheduled a vote on a proposed non-Union enterprise agreement in the pre-dawn hours of next Monday morning in an arrogant attempt to ram through an unfair non-Union agreement that included pay and conditions well below the rail industry average and barely above the Award. RMC refused to recognise the RTBU as a bargaining representative and dishonestly claimed we did not have any members at the company, even after one of our members requested the Union be involved in negotiations.

In a humiliating defeats for RMC, the Commission clearly identified that the RTBU did have members at RMC and now they have been forced to pull the vote and return to the bargaining table with the RTBU.

Your RTBU will now do everything we can to secure a fair agreement with the pay and conditions you deserve.

But the fight isn’t over. We expect RMC and Railtrain to pull every trick in the book to keep your pay and conditions as low as possible.

That’s why the best way to secure a better workplace agreement is to become a members of the RTBU. Our strength is our unity and solidarity.

To find out more or if you have any questions, please contact the RTBU National Office on (02) 8203 6099 or rtbu@rtbu.org.au.

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One Comment to “BREAKING: RMC and RailTrain stopped in their tracks – RTBU members win the Right to be Union ”

  • Great work to all involved and the members who wanted to be represented by the RTBU. Solidarity and unity will always achieve the aims and goals. Keep it going.

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