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Bowman’s Rail – RTBU win

Feb 21, 2020Update

We are pleased to announce that after many months of discussion and legal action against Bowman’s Rail in Broken Hill, the Fair Work Commission has found in the RTBU’s favour and obtained some thousands in back pay for members there. 

A joint effort between the South Australian Branch and New South Wales Locomotive Division, the RTBU flew to Adelaide on 5 December to put our case before the Commission. The issue concerned was whether Drivers who were not rostered and did not work on a public holiday should get an extra payment. 

On the night before and the morning of the hearing in a clearly desperate state, Bowmans tried to settle the case but refused to provide us with a number. We knew our case was strong and decided that the members should have their issues heard by the Commission to decide in their favour. 

Bowman’s asserted that they had already paid employees for this payment by incorporating it into their salary, but had little evidence to show that it was true. 

Inevitably, the Commission agreed that members were entitled to the extra payment. Members who are permanent employees at the Broken Hill depot will be entitled to the payment for any and all public holidays not rostered and not worked from 26 February 2019 until the Agreement ends on 30 June of this year.