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Big issues on the agenda at National Locomotive Division meeting

The National Locomotive Division met recently for the first of two planned meetings for 2013.

For the first time in a number of years all RTBU Branch Locomotive Divisions were represented by their full entitlement of delegates (see photo).

The meeting was very productive, with all delegates taking an active part in debate, reporting of what’s happening around the country and developing a National unified approach to issue affecting Locomotive Division members across the country – irrespective of employer and or if in the private or public sector.

A number of key decisions where unanimously endorsed around:

  • How bargaining is to be conducted for Enterprises Agreements which apply to/affect more than one state/branch
  • Issuing common advice to members regarding decisions or outcomes from legal and/or industrial cases/outcomes which have the potential to impact Locomotive Division members across the country.
  • Coordinating the development of and participation in the development of national industry and/or government standards.

Stay tuned to Loco Express for a more detailed update on the resolutions passed.

From left to right: John Marotta – Vic; Brett Rosser – NSW; Paris Jolly – Vic; Keith McMahon – Assistant National Secretary Locomotive Division; Paul Robinson – WA (Guest); David Payne – Tas; Bob Hayden – NSW; Peter Bull – NSW; Terry Sheedy – Vic; Les Moffit – QLD; Brian Curren – WA; Allan Barden – Assistant National Secretary; Kelvin Steer – QLD; David Mathie – NSW; Steve (Muddy) Waters – SA / NT; Shayne Kummerfeld – QLD