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Aurizon Coal NSW Enterprise Agreement 2021

Mar 15, 2021Aurizon

As you are all aware your Union, Rail, Tram & Bus Union, Locomotive Division wrote to Aurizon General Manager requesting a timeframe to begin Enterprise Agreement Negotiations to replace your current EA with a nominal expiry date of 10 November 2021. This is the normal practice with any Employer so negotiations can commence and hopefully finalise in-principal Agreement subject to a membership/employee vote prior to or just after the nominal expiry date.

Most Employers who are planning on engaging with you and your elected representatives (including your Delegates) genuinely and collaborative support and foster such an approach. In a disappointing sign of what is to come Aurizon responded stating that the priority was the review of hours of work thru Shift Work Solutions and it will be finalised before commencing bargaining with your representatives.

What should be of concern to all members and employees is that some 2 days later, a NSW Train Crew EA Update was published announcing/introducing Aurizon’s Lead Negotiator, advising of their background and who then gave their thoughts & opinions on who and how an employee should be represented at the Enterprise Agreement Negotiations.

Whilst it is clear from the EA Update that Aurizon see the negotiation of your enterprise agreement as just another “commercial contract”, the comment “so that you can make your own mind up” seems to suggest all previous EA outcomes members/employees have not been able to make their own minds up.

The RTBU Locomotive Division does not see your Enterprise Agreement as just another commercial contract, but an agreement between the Company and members represented by their Union and elected Delegates to cover and secure your conditions of employment that have a direct impact on your future!

Members of this Union have traditionally stood united in solidarity and have endured many rough times and have always emerged from these victorious with stints on peaceful assemblies fighting as a collective for the rights of the workers.

Members are encouraged to complete the survey form already distributed and return it with your feedback as this is the opportunity to have your initial say on things that matter to you.

You will as always be given the opportunity to provide further feedback at any time and are always encouraged to send this thru via your local delegates or straight to the email address provided on the survey form.

Offsite meetings will be arranged for members to discuss their EA concerns and assist in developing our collective strategy for the negotiations!

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.