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Aurizon Coal EA Update

Jun 11, 2019Aurizon News

As you know, the RTBU Locomotive Division, on behalf of members lodged an application with Fair Work Commission for assistance to resolve the following ongoing disputes:

  1. Application of Annual leave;
  2. The denials of delegates rights to represent members at work and be paid; and
  3. Appendix 6 – Use and viewing data from Workplace Surveillance and monitoring devices.

The RTBU attended FWC conciliation on 6 May 2019 and due to the extensive discussions and no resolution being reached the hearing was adjourned and rescheduled for 21 May 2019. Following another comprehensive day of discussions, a resolution was still not reached and both parties were to go away and reconsider their options.

On 31 May 2019, the RTBU were made aware that Aurizon had distributed an Employee Update stating that “we would like to confirm that we have come to an agreement with the RTBU and employee representatives about how shifts leading into and out of a block of annual leave can be managed”. 

The authors of this update have been disingenuous in relaying this information as the RTBU did not agree with this process and clearly indicated that it would consider its options and discuss with members before agreeing to anything. 

The RTBU finds the conduct of Aurizon in relation to these disputes particularly disturbing given the proximity of negotiations to them. Members took industrial action to ensure a fair agreement was reached and you would recall that Appendix 6 and annual leave accruals were the burning issues at the time. 

For Aurizon to turn around after the agreement is finalised and try to unilaterally take back the conditions we fought so hard for is outrageous. We all need to stand together and tell Aurizon that we won’t take it, just like we did back in negotiations. 

After extensive work looking at what options were available the RTBU has decided to continue this dispute and refer this matter to FWC for an arbitrated hearing in an attempt to resolve all outstanding matters. On 5 May 2019 we advised the Commission of this and are now waiting for dates when the hearing will commence. 

All members are asked to go through any documents they may have from the negotiation period and provide them to your local delegate as they may be vital in the fight against Aurizon in the Commission. 

Members will be kept updated as the matter progresses.

Click here to download the full newsflash.

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