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Attorney-General decides to weigh in on casual employee sick leave

Feb 11, 2020Update

Attorney-General Christian Porter has said that he’ll look at legislating if recent court decisions don’t reflect the Government’s view that casual and shift workers don’t deserve extra sick leave.

He appealed a court decision last year which said that shift factory workers who worked 36 hours in 3 shifts were entitled to receive 120 hours of personal leave on top of their 10 days of sick leave.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union said that casual employees should be receiving the same entitlements if they are working the same amount of hours as other employees. Additionally, they should be paid when they are sick as they are missing out on their ability to work.

“Casual shift workers should have the same entitlements if they are working the same amount of hours. It is shocking that the Federal Government thinks that they can intervene in court decisions just to protect the pockets of their big business mates,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

“You can’t just overturn an independent court’s decision because you don’t like it. That’s not how it works. These workers deserve these rights and big business must be forced to pay them what they deserve.”

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