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ATP Fitted M Sets in Bypass

Sep 16, 2020Update

As part of the continued return to service of ATP fitted M sets in BYPASS, members are advised that there have been changes to the current Millennium Preparation Procedure for ATP fitted sets due to identified safety issues after its initial release in July of 2020.

The preparation procedure (V2.3, Date 21 Aug 2020) will be communicated to drivers and additional face to face support will be available.

The changes were necessary  after safety concerns were identified namely;

Power Handle Test – unable to observe BP values on TOS screen while checking control governor settings.

Train Certificate Test – Drivers having to exit the TRAIN CERT TESTS screen (D401) to check the status of the system being tested; however exiting the D401 screen returns the status of the previously tested systems as NOT TESTED.

This was not acceptable and unsafe, so assurances were required for the safety of the train systems tested and the safety of members and the network.

The Loco Division appreciate the hard work and vigilance of those members and delegates who were involved in the identification and reporting of the issues and as such a fix has been identified, tested and will now be applied. Please contact head office or the project delegates if more information or clarity is required.

In unity

ATP Project Delegates