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ATP acceptance trials complete

Sep 27, 2011Update

DMI screen acceptance trials for the Waratah have now been completed. The aim of the trials was to make sure the screen was located in the correct position and that the information contained on the screen was readable under operational cab conditions.

A draft report has been tabled for comment by delegates and the project manager will also brief delegates at the next ETDC and ICDC.

Members are urged to contact head office for more information concerning the ATP project.

During the ATP project union reps and members have also been involved in several workshops in an attempt to consolidate the TOS screens into one screen in order to be able to accept the ATP DMI screen.

The workshops identified which information the driver needs to see/use in operational conditions and this has now been achieved. The proposals put forward will now be sent to Mitsubishi Electric in Japan to produce a screen that will used in validation and verification trials in November.

The RTBU Loco Division would like to thank all members who took part in the DMI screen acceptance trials and the TOS screen workshops. They offered vital feedback to help gain the best outcomes possible for drivers.