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Aug 31, 2018Railtrain

For over 18 months, your RTBU have been negotiating with Railtrain for a new enterprise agreement (EA). Every step of the way, we have been met with Railtrain’s deliberate and underhanded tactics to deny you a decent and fair EA that improves your training, rostering, fatigue management and pay conditions. Despite our repeated efforts, the company has refused to meet and negotiate with us since November 2017.

Now we know why – Railtrain management has been planning and implementing a major restructure in secret for many months. Railtrain has now been forced to admit that from 1 October 2018 it plans to have no workforce. In other words, if the restructure goes to plan, you will no longer work for Railtrain after this date.

The RTBU have only just received the details of this restructure. That’s why we are now writing to you to let you know about the company’s secret plans, because unlike Railtrain, we believe you deserve to know the truth. Under the restructure, Railtrain has transferred, or plans to transfer its workforce to one of these four companies:

  • Railtrain Services Pty Ltd
  • RMC Track Protection Pty Ltd
  • RMC Track and Civil Pty Ltd
  • RMC Signalling and Electrical

If you have been transferred to one of these new companies and the RTBU is not currently bargaining for your new EA, please let us know by contacting us on (02) 8203 6099.

It is simply disgraceful that despite Railtrain making a $5.7 million profit last year, its workers are getting paid a wage far below industry standards. RTBU members have been waiting too long for a fair deal. That’s why we’ll be ramping up our campaign in the coming months.

And remember, our greatest strength is our unity. If you’re not a member of the RTBU, joining up is the best way to ensure that you get a better workplace agreement. To find out how you can join, contact the RTBU National Office on (02) 8203 6099 or rtbu@rtbu.org.au.

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