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Adelaide’s trains and trams: NOT FOR SALE

Jul 30, 2019Update

The South Australian government has backflipped on their agenda by announcing the privatisation of the Adelaide Metro train and tram service and the people are furious.

The South Australian people have a right to be heard over the billions of dollars provided by private companies. These companies don’t have the interests or safety of commuters in mind, they’re just interested in making a profit.

Adelaide’s trains and trams belong to the people of Adelaide and they deserve a dedicated government committed to maintaining their daily commute. They don’t need higher costs, less services and reduced safety. They need a service for the people, by the people.

We stand with the people and we need to let the government know what we think. Together, we’ll make our voice heard and force them to listen.

We encourage everyone to take action and sign this petition to the South Australian Premier Steven Marshall. Share it with your mates. The louder we are, the less they can ignore us.