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Access to Union Lawyers for Injured Members

Sep 11, 2019Update

Workers compensation claims can be complex with a great deal of attendant uncertainty and apprehension. Many injured members can feel that they are being ignored and just swallowed up by a great big system where it is a case of doing what you are told and when you are told.

Michael Barnes of Carroll & O’Dea reaffirms the firm’s commitment to:

  1. Early consultation with members
  2. Assisting members with the completion of workers compensation claim form, which can raise a wide range of issues, including how to deal with investigators seeking witness statements
  3. Helping members to understand the trials and tribulations of the workers compensation system

Michael is only a phone call away and of course the firm has a commitment to regional visits.

Even if liability is accepted, it costs you nothing to pick up the phone and have a discussion about the workers compensation system, your possible rights and obligations.

Members are urged to take up this opportunity whether it is in relation to a past claim, an existing claim or a pending claim.

You are urged to ring the union for a prompt referral to get the right advice.