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A cautious start for the Waratah Train

Jul 5, 2011Update

As previously reported, RailCorp have accepted the first Waratah Train for revenue service. Commencing on July 1, the train conducted limited out-of-peak-hour operations between Central and Macarthur stations on weekdays, as well as some weekend runs. These operations have so far occurred without any train-related issues being reported.

The RTBU was successful in gaining recognition of the state’s most senior suburban driver available at the time, Vince Vassiliou, who had the opportunity of being on the first Waratah Train to enter passenger service. This upholds the long-standing tradition afforded to senior drivers in recognition of their years of service to RailCorp and its previous entities.

In order to minimise risks to the wider population of train crew posed by the already reported train faults, the Waratah Train will initially be operated by the test crew.

Two drivers will also be rostered on this train for a period of time to reduce the risks associated with the ‘milky’ windscreen.

Some previously reported issues with this train have been overcome, or interim measures put in place, prior to its entering revenue service. The majority of concerns remaining are to be addressed prior to the next Waratah set entering service.

The RTBU continues to meet with RailCorp on a regular basis to work through the outstanding issues.