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$110 million collected from airport train passengers last year

Jan 13, 2020Update

The NSW Government collected 10% more in fees from customers travelling to Sydney airport stations last year, making it $420 million altogether in the last five years. 

Travelling from central to the airport costs $19.40 for an adult fare, the most expensive trip on the entire network. This does not change even for airport employees despite their regular usage of the line.

85% of this revenue is received directly by the State Government who claims it is used to improve infrastructure, although they do not say what infrastructure is being improved so could be roads and/or driverless metro’s!

“It’s a disgrace that travellers and workers of the airport are being used as pawns in the government’s scheme to have a budget surplus. This tells us exactly how far the government is willing to go for the sake of politics. They should be using all funds to improve the existing rail network, not to score some political points at the cost of basic public services,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

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