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Sydney Trains – Future Operations Update

Aug 25, 2017News

An RTBU Locomotive Division Sydney Trains Delegates’ Forum was held yesterday 23/08/17 to discuss and endorse the Locomotive Divisions’ continued involvement in the Future Operations program (Clause 12 – Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement 2014). Delegates […] Read More »

Protecting our rights to fair and equitable treatment

Aug 10, 2017News

Union representatives and delegates met with management on the 8th August to put forward our plan to secure members’ jobs. We said that where there are changes or restructures, members need every opportunity to retain […] Read More »

Win for Sydney Trains members: 4 X 193km protection secured!

Jul 27, 2017News

Your Locomotive Division Representatives recently met with Sydney Trains management to re-enforce the long standing condition of employment which limits the number of mileage shifts a Driver can perform each fortnight. In spite of continued […] Read More »

United for secure jobs

Jul 27, 2017News

Union delegates and representatives met with Sydney and NSW Trains management on the 25th July to talk about the issues that matter in your new Agreement. We put forward a plan for negotiations. Our plan […] Read More »

Standing Together to Secure Our Conditions

Jul 20, 2017News

At the meeting held on July 18th, the management of Sydney and NSW Trains responded to the members’ claims and put forward their own claims for a new agreement. Despite management platitudes, it was clear […] Read More »

Update 3: Asbestos in C and K Sets

Jul 16, 2017News

This afternoon, the Sydney Trains WHS Divisional Committee advised the Locomotive Division that the following C and K sets have been tested and verified safe to re-enter service by an external independent Hygienist. These sets […] Read More »

Update 2 – Asbestos in C and K Set Trains

Jul 14, 2017News

A meeting was held on Wednesday with Sydney Trains about the ongoing issue of asbestos in C and K Set Trains and the broader management of asbestos within the Sydney Trains workplace. Representatives from the […] Read More »

United for a fair agreement

Jul 13, 2017News

Update 3, Wednesday July 12 Our combined rail unions’ representatives have just begun negotiations with Sydney and NSW Trains management for our new agreement/s. This meeting was our chance to tell management what matters to […] Read More »

Asbestos dust/particles found in C and K sets

Jul 9, 2017News

The Locomotive Division have been made aware of asbestos dust/particles being found in various C and K Sets with the predominate location being in driver’s side Circuit Breaker panels. We understand that the sample data […] Read More »

Cabinet leaks show massive increase in cost of powering Sydney Trains

Jul 6, 2017News

Leaked NSW Government documents have revealed an 82 per cent increase in the cost of electricity to keep Sydney Trains running. The leaks show that in March, the Government was warned that power costs would rise to $65 […] Read More »