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New shoes while you get the boot!

Nov 21, 2016News

Amidst all the angst and hurt Pacific National are dishing out to employees through redundancy announcements, we recently found out PN’s HR team have been busy boasting to the corporate world of its “hot innovation […] Read More »

PN Service Delivery Transformation = Termination

Nov 3, 2016National News

Instead of consulting with you and your union, Pacific National consulted with their bean-counters and delivered a decision to terminate over 120 of its permanent workers. PN wants to replace these employees with casuals or with […] Read More »

ACCC responds to Aurizon and PN proposals to acquire GRail

Oct 7, 2016News

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is assessing Aurizon and Pacific National’s competing proposals to acquire Glencore Coal’s rail business, Grail. The ACCC has released a combined Statement of Issues and is assessing their proposals against […] Read More »

Newsflash: Hunter Valley and Gunnedah Basin Coal News

Oct 7, 2016News

After years of next to no progress on the long term issues of tunnels, crib breaks and relief points, the RTBU recently wrote to all the major players including Pacific National, Aurizon, Freightliner, ARTC, Hunter Valley […] Read More »

Newcastle Local Freight Meetings

Oct 6, 2016News

Date: Thursday 13th October 2016 Venue: Carrington Bowling Club Pacific National: 10am-11.30am Aurizon: 12.00pm to 1.30pm Freightliner: 2pm to 3.30pm All members are welcome to attend their respective meetings. Meetings will cover general business and give […] Read More »

Fair Work Sets Date for PN EA’s Scope Coverage Hearing

Aug 28, 2016News

Last Friday in a directions meeting with the Fair Work Commission, Pacific National and the RTBU failed to reach consensus on the two Scope Order applications that were before the commission. Pacific National had been […] Read More »

What PN didn’t tell you…

Jul 19, 2016News

  The latest Pacific National EA Bulletin is now out! Download your copy to read about where the EA bargaining is really up to, and what PN didn’t tell you in their latest correspondence. Download PN Enterprise Agreement Bulletin […] Read More »

PN wants to check your lower limbs

Jul 14, 2016News

Pacific National recently announced it is bringing in an external company to advise workers on their ‘lower limb stability’. The company claims that it is bringing in BodyCare to provide advice on fitness for work […] Read More »

ATSB releases damning report on coal train derailment

Jul 5, 2016News

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recently released its report into the derailment of Pacific National coal train MB520 on 28th August 2015. The report highlighted failures in Pacific National’s maintenance program and revealed the company […] Read More »

PN EA update

Jun 10, 2016News

Pacific National recently notified of its intention to start enterprise agreement negotiations to replace the four current agreements. Unfortunately PN, at the time of notification, decided to exclude a number of employees from EA coverage […] Read More »

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