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NSW Trains injury hotline trial

Apr 19, 2016Uncategorized

NSW Trains is about to commence a trial in the North Region of changes to the Injury Hotline. As part of the trial, employees who have suffered an injury and are required to contact the […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Bob Hayden, Divisional Secretary

Among all the bad news at Pacific National Coal, we’ve recently been given a very welcomed, albeit small, dose of good news. The company has announced that it won’t be going ahead with its planned […] Read More »

Phones for NSW Train crew?

Apr 1, 2016News

NSW Trains is currently looking into the possibility of issuing crew electronic devices for reporting purposes. This is similar to the Sydney Trains iPad distribution and follows NSW Government initiatives to reduce paper usage in […] Read More »

Natural Disaster leave turns out to be a real disaster

Mar 11, 2016News

The Fair Work Commission has ruled in favour of NSW Trains concerning the payment of Special Leave and – in particular – the payment of Natural Disaster leave on book-off days. In the particular case […] Read More »

NSW Trains proposal to introduce new time sheet

Feb 17, 2016News

NSW Trains will soon begin consultation on a proposed new timesheet. The Loco Division has been meeting with NSW Trains tabling several issues, which will be answered through the consultative process. A pilot trial will […] Read More »

Sick Leave/Emergency Leave (Natural Disasters) and Overtime Dispute

Nov 20, 2015News

The Loco Division is in dispute with NSW Trains over its refusal to pay sick leave for rostered shifts that fall on the period roster but not on the master roster (i.e. an additional or extra […] Read More »

Disciplinary Matters Dispute

Nov 6, 2015News

The Loco Division is going to the Fair Work Commission in December over NSW Trains disciplinary process. The RTBU has decided to pursue the matter in the Fair Work Commission in order to overturn a particular […] Read More »

Critical incidents – NSW Trains needs to step up

Sep 18, 2015News

We’ve got a new Critical Incident Procedure in Sydney Trains which is now being referred to as “world’s best practice” in the rail industry, but NSW Trains is still lagging behind. Read More »

Sick joke: NSW Trains asking for unnecessary medical certificates

Sep 1, 2015News

NSW Trains isn’t playing fair when it comes to providing medical certificates for sick leave.  Read More »

Storm over natural disaster leave

Aug 27, 2015News

The Loco Division is currently in dispute over NSW Trains’ refusal to pay a shift for a driver who was unable to make it to work recently as a result of recent snowstorms. Read More »