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Proposed CityRail drivers’ uniform update: Have your say

Dec 13, 2011Update

The RTBU Locomotive Division has been in consultation with RailCorp for a new uniform to be provided for cityrail drivers for quite some time.

After exhaustive and protracted meetings and site visits, various uniform items have been provided for trialling and viewing.

A report was tabled at ICDC and ETDC by the RTBULD Uniform Committee representatives with a recommendation that the proposed uniform be accepted for supply to Cityrail drivers;

  • charcoal trousers/shorts in pleated and cargo style
  • black jumpers and woollen vests

These are to be added to the previously agreed too Black Melton jacket agreed to previously.

ICDC/ETDC directed the RTBULD Uniform Committee representatives to meet with RailCorp to agree to commence manufacture and supply the above items. (Date of supply to be confirmed)

Following unsuccessful trials of various shirt styles and colours, the Committee Representatives visited Pacific Brands and sourced two shirts for selected drivers (Chantal Campbell, Andrew Holt, John Aquilina, Stephen Harper, Shan Rathinam and Keith McMahon) for members viewing in the workplace, via the attached photos and a RailCorp train crew information bulletin.

Members are invited to provide feedback on the two options displayed via the link below.

Correspondence has been sent to RailCorp regarding the option of polo shirts to be included in the uniform provision. No response has been received to this date.

The RTBULD Committee Representatives are Chantal Campbell, John Aquilina and Paul Foster.

22 Comments to “Proposed CityRail drivers’ uniform update: Have your say”

  • Railcorp are still issuing the heavy material blue shirt to those listed on the uniform trial.

  • Early feedback indicates preference of Option A for style, colour and the materials ability to breathe in hot weather and keep you warm in colder weather. The buttons and pockets can be changed to suit our needs

  • Option A looks the best,reports say that the shirt breathes really good,sounds great for summer

  • I doubt my opinion matters as I am a guard, but these uniforms remind me of the prisoners uniforms in jails. But of the options above I would vote for B

  • option A looks good to me.

  • During initial wearing option A is the preferable. There is positive comment on the color of shirt (green) but not so much with the white check effect. All have asked can there be a solid color. Color of the pants is positive. Also have been asked about the cargo pants are they the same color as the trousers?

    • Yes, the cargos are the same as the pleated. Chantal is wearing the cargo, john is wearing the pleated.

  • They’re both hideous! We need something that looks a little more professional than this. Looks like we’re working for the prison system.

  • Option A looks the best.
    what meterial the jacket made of.

  • My preference is option A, the main thing is that we retain the cargo pants and the uniform is suited to outdoor use.
    I would like to add that Drivers should have a distinctive uniform from other employee’s and I don’t believe in doing so we need to be dressed up like airline cabin attendants.
    After seeing option A being worn by reps I feel it should meet our needs.
    Any chance of a reflective winter jacket the same as worn on the freight?

  • Why do we need to change these look revolting there is nothing wrong with the current issue, Why waste money when we have something that is good enough now.

  • I agree with Wes. Also did i see your comment correctly Andrew, that we might have green shirts? Please, not the green again.

  • The previous contract for uniforms has expired. The majority consensus from drivers was for a fresh new independent look. We are drivers and should be proud to look like drivers, not anyone else.
    If you click on the photo, it enlarges.

  • Option A looks ok. I prefer all cotton uniform. Blue shirts using now hot in warmer same sort of material would be no good. Don’t mind the check. Jackets haven’t see as yet but look bulky in picture.I prefer soft material such as fleecy.

  • Option A looks the better of the options here. Option B looks like the old transit uniform.

  • I agree Wes!!! The shirts we wear now are pretty good but dark coloured pants as the guards have would be better! Say like ‘black’!!! Shan knows why!!!

    Option A – Green shirt looks nice from afar but up close i’m sure my Grandad and some of his mates have the same shirt lol – quite awful close up!

  • Nothing wrong with the current colors. Why not just change the shirts to a polo style and pants or shorts to a cargo style. I won’t be wearing green, as soon as the public see the shirts they will think Woolworths or BP Expeess. From the 2000+ drivers how many actually voted? Keep colors in contrast with our trains, the only green interiors are in V Sets.

  • Can’t see why we can’t have the shirts we have now. They breathe better than the thick heavy guard shirts in the Summer, and long sleeve with the jumper/melton jacket should be warm enough in the Winter. Then all you have to do is give us black cargo shorts and pants in the same style as the guards currently have, and voila! Simple. Don’t understand why this has got to be hard and take literally YEARS to decide!

    BTW rumours abound that one style of cargo pants was vetoed because a small percentage of the crew wouldn’t iron them? I mean, really………….
    (That’s to both whoever floated the idea and made the decision to drop the cargo pants because they won’t get ironed, as well the crew reading this who don’t iron their shirts and pants and go to work looking like crap).
    Was there an “issue” about guards not ironing their current style of cargo pants? Why can’t we have them?

    Also, melton jackets look “nice”…..but the seemingly “rare” dayglow safety anoraks I see worn by a select few train crew on the job would be far more functional for the amount of times we are walking around yards in Winter. Rain suits are NOT functional, you cook slowly from the inside in them within 30 seconds! How many crew do you see wearing the issued rain protection? Not many.

    Last idea is to re-look at the safety vest. Why can’t the whole vest be made of the “fishnet” like material that is at the back at the bottom of the ones we currently have (bib type set up). On warm to hot days we’re literally drenched in sweat by the time we’ve prepped a train and can’t wait to get into the cab under the aircon (bad luck if it’s a K set). I figure you can still see the vest clearly from a distance and it would breathe a lot better than the current style. Those who have done shed or wash on a hot day, will know what I’m talking about.

  • Not a fan of this colour at all. I still have not seen a sample of this yet. If it was at all depots why is it that no one has seen one. Not even one to look at. If there was a vote on it. this how come I have never seen an option to vote on this and nor has anyone that I know. I would appreciate a response to these questions.

  • What’s wrong with the current uniform? Why waste money on a whole new uniform when you could just improve the old one and work on staff wearing it correctly.

  • Truly the most uninspired uniform I have seen. “Janitorial” best describes these rags.
    I thought Drivers were Professionals! Why not white shirts *(see below re cleaning)

    The best material for uniforms is cotton. It breaths and is soft on the skin, Poly/Cotton does not have these attributes.

    Cotton does not melt in a fire, Poly and Poly blends do.

    The current shirt I wear is better again as it is a genetically modified, making it easier to wash and it irons beautifully. LETS MOVE FORWARD NOT BACKWARD.

  • Dont like either of them, as for option A the light green fleck they look the same as woolworths shirts come on give us something origanal

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