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We can protect penalty rates if we work together

Jun 26, 2017Update

** From Australian Unions**

You’ve probably seen the news – penalty rates for hospitality, retail and pharmacy workers could be slashed from July 1.

The good news is we can do something about this if we act now.

An aggressive bosses’ campaign has so far succeeded in creating rules that allow bosses to strip back weekend work protections leaving thousands of Australians at risk of a pay cut they can’t afford and don’t deserve.

These are the people who give up time with their loved ones on weekends and public holidays so that the rest of us can enjoy a meal out, grab some groceries or fill a script when we need to. These are people we know and rely on.

Right now its hospitality, retail and pharmacy workers in the firing line but if we don’t take action to change the rules and protect weekend penalty rates, workers in other industries and professions will be next.

The good news is – cuts are not inevitable. Already, thousands of clubs and casino workers have had their weekend penalty rates secured.  How have they done it? With YOUR help! The loud and sustained community voice has helped convince employers that cutting weekend pay would be the wrong thing to do.

We know other employers are watching what happens.

That’s why on July 2 hospitality workers are asking the community to stand with them as one so we can ask the local businesses to agree to not cut the wages of their staff.

July 2 is National Weekend Warriors Day, where union members, supporters and people all over the country who don’t want to see cuts to penalty rates are taking action together. You can register online to receive a pack to take into your local club, pub, bar or café. The pack contains a letter to the manager or owner, some information for staff and customers and a pledge the business can sign to commit not to cut penalty rates for their staff.

We urge you to sign up now for a pack, to have the conversation and to be part of the action on July 2 when we ask the businesses that we support to do the right thing by the people who work for them.

Let’s stop this attack on wages and the weekend before it goes any further. Go here to be involved.

Together, we can protect penalty rates for all weekend workers

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