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Your rights at work – handy cards now available

Jul 11, 2012News

The RTBU Locomotive Division has released a set of handy new pocket-sized membership cards outlining employees’ rights and responsibilities.

Available at the moment is a set of cards outlining employees rights in regards to Drug and Alcohol testing in the workplace and another detailing your rights and responsibilities regarding the investigation of a safety incident in the workplace.

The Drug and Alcohol testing card is only relevant for Railcorp employees at this stage as each company will require a separate card based on their respective policies and procedures.

The Division has written to each Freight Operator seeking their comment on the Drug and Alcohol card so changes can be made to accommodate their policy’s with only Pacific National Rail (Intermodal and Bulk) responding to date.

The cards do not contain legal advice, but rather information to assist you in ensuring that any testing you’re involved in is carried out in accordance with the law and your employer’s policies and procedures. The cards include handy hints such as how to claim for privilege from self-incrimination before providing information to an investigator, your rights if you’re involved in a police investigation and the correct protocol for drug and alcohol testing.

Contact your local delegate if you’d like a copy of the cards.