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Workplace changes before Senate on Monday – time is ticking

Sep 16, 2014News

The Abbott Government’s changes to workplace laws are likely to come before the Senate on Monday.

Yesterday Tasmania Senator Jacqui Lambie was asked about how she will vote on the Bill. While she said the Palmer United Senators had yet to make up their minds, she did say: “I believe it’s one of Eric Abetz’s babies and anything that usually Eric Abetz comes up with stinks, bottom line.”

Australian Unions are calling on workers to contact Senators like Jacqui Lambie to make sure the Government’s unfair workplace changes don’t get through. It will only take a few of the eight to vote against the changes to defeat them, and with one week to go the Senators are turning their minds to how they will vote.

That means that every letter, email and phone call is more crucial than ever.

Click here to watch a video from ACTU President Ged Kearney talking about the importance of defeating these workplace changes and call a cross-bench Senator: http://www.australianunions.org.au/stop_abbotts_laws

Want some more information? Check out this presentation.