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Workers Comp cuts

Jun 1, 2012Hot Topic

The O’Farrell Government’s planned cuts to Workers Compensation will see NSW workers stripped of vital protections.

A number of critical workplace rights are on the chopping block, including protection for workers when traveling to and from work. Medical expenses would also be capped and compensation would be cut off after two and a half years.

A mass rally of NSW workers will be held on June 13th in protest of the planned to cuts to Workers Compensation.

Thousands of workers are expected to turn out for the rally which will take place at 12.30pm outside Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

Click here to download the rally flyer Unions NSW – Pamphlet

Unions also recently launched radio, billboard and TV advertisements highlighting the damaging impact of the cuts. The TV ads are currently being shown on metropolitan and regional stations.

Click here to see the TV ads and listen to the radio ads

People who have been badly injured at work are among society’s most vulnerable – these are people who just wanted to do their job, but whose lives were turned upside down due to a work-related injury.

We know how tough many people do it after being injured on the job. The last thing they need is for the government to swoop in and remove a chunk of the modest entitlements that allow them to maintain a dignified existence.

The campaign against the cuts to Workers Compensation is being described as the most widespread union campaign since Your Rights at Work – it’s certainly not something anyone is taking lightly.

What do you think of the government’s plans to cut Workers Compensation? Have you seen the TV or billboard ads? Will you be at the rally?