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Work Related Injury Claims Dispute

Aug 28, 2013News

The RTBU has recently been advised that members who have suffered a work related injury are being coerced into using their own sick leave rather than claiming workers compensation for injuries received while at work.

Members are also being incorrectly advised to have their doctors certificates altered to show “fit for suitable duties” in order to expedite their return to work.

It has also been reported that some managers have taken the extraordinarily unprecedented step of directly contacting employees’ doctors and requesting that their certificates be changed while others have been reported as pushing employees to use annual leave rather than sick leave.

Claiming workplace compensation and taking sick leave are your rights, and they are protected under the Fair Work Act.

The RTBU views these attempts as adverse action against employees and considers them to be in breach of that Fair Work Act. The union has instigated proceedings in the appropriate jurisdiction to enforce members’ rights.

Members are reminded that it is an offence for anyone to deny or prevent a person from exercising their legal rights and entitlements and encourages any member who believes their rights have been subverted to contact the RTBU immediately.