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What’s first for new Premier?

Apr 17, 2014Hot Topic

After three years at the helm of NSW, Barry O’Farrell has reigned as Premier.

The Premier’s fall from grace came after he can evidence at the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

After denying any recollection of receiving a $3000 bottle of wine from former Australia Water Holdings chief executive Nick Di Girolamo, a hand-written thank you note from the Premier was revealed, prompting the resignation.

Treasurer Mike Baird is to take over the top job, with Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian his deputy.

Mike Baird is perhaps best known for his strong personal beliefs, but he also has a strong track record of agitating for privatisation of services. In fact, he’s the man behind the Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey’s push to inject funds for infrastructure projects into state’s that find services to privatise.

What do you think the new Premier’s first big announcement should be?

Are our transport services at even greater risk of privatisation with Mike Baird at the helm and Gladys Berejiklian as deputy?

What do you make of Mike Baird’s aggressive push for privatisation?