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What about public transport? Infrastructure NSW releases its 20-year plan

Oct 3, 2012News

Infrastructure NSW has released its 20-year plan for the future of the state’s infrastructure, recommending 70 projects, many of which are transport focused.

If implemented, the projects would cost the State Government $30 billion over 20 years, however Infrastructure Australia says it would add $50 billion to the state’s economy.

The key transport recommendations from the report include a 33km extension of the M4 to the airport; building an underground Bus Rapid Transport system in the Sydney CBD; and building another M5 east tunnel.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the report’s strong focus on roads rather than on public transport is short-sighted.

“With a few exceptions, Infrastructure NSW has basically just released a plan for our transport infrastructure focused entirely on roads. Public transport has been pushed aside,” Bob Hayden said.

“The second harbour crossing has been overlooked in favour of more tollways. It seems Infrastructure NSW is completely out of step with the wishes of the public who we know rate public transport improvements as their priority transport concern – not roads.

However Bob Hayden said the report does contain some good recommendations, including creating an express rail service between Gosford and Sydney and fixing tracks and bridges in regional NSW.

“Let’s hope the Premier can pick out the parts of this report, along with recommendations from other sources, that really need to be prioritised and commit to delivering what is truly needed in NSW – a world-class rail and public transport system.

“That’s the answer to reducing congestion, not investment in roads which will only result in more traffic.

“We need a plan that delivers for the people of NSW – not just for the big end of town.”

See the full Infrastructure NSW report here

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