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WestConnex: the solution we need or disaster in the making?

Mar 27, 2013News

Chairman of Infrastructure NSW, Nick Greiner’s grand plan for NSW transport is the WestConnex – a 33km highway in Sydney’s west.

At a cost of $15 billion, the road would take more than a decade to complete and is being touted by the NSW Government as a ‘highest priority’ solution to our transport needs.

The government says WestConnex will accommodate the growing transport needs of greater Sydney, stimulate urban renewal opportunities along to the Parramatta Road corridor and strengthen access for industry to commercial centres.

Is this what NSW needs? Or is it set to be a colossal waste of money?

Would the money be better spent on public transport such as heavy and light rail and STA Bus Services?

EcoTransit, a public transport advocacy group, takes a look at the WestConnex proposal in this video.