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We can knock off the China Free Trade Agreement

Jul 22, 2015News

The China Free Trade Agreement that Tony Abbott signed recently, will allow employers to bring overseas workers in first, without advertising jobs to local workers.

Australian Unions has launched a campaign aimed at stopping the agreement, saying it is deeply unfair that our Prime Minister has signed a deal that prevents local workers from getting jobs here in Australia.

Here’s a message from Dave Oliver from the Australian Unions Team about how you can help stop the China Free Trade Agreement:

We can stop this agreement.


We need to make sure the ALP oppose it and convince the crossbench Senators to stand with them against any legislation that could make this job killing deal and reality.

This weekend is the ALP National Conference, so it is crunch time.

This is how you can be the tipping point that stops the China Free Trade Agreement:

  1. Join one of the rallies across the country.
  2. Take 30 seconds to let the Parliamentary Committee considering the China trade deal know just how unfair it is. The crossbench Senators will be influenced by this report.
  3. Visit our campaign page for campaign materials and further actions you can take.

Working people are saying NO to this agreement.

Across the country union members have been standing up and building serious pressure with protest, community meetings, talking with people in their communities, speaking to the media as well as filing up the inboxes of politicians.

Tony Abbott’s MPs are rattled and the ALP is seriously considering coming out against the job killing elements of the China FTA.

Together we can make sure our politicians pit our jobs first.