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Wayside Detection Equipment

Nov 6, 2015News

Sydney Trains has installed Wayside detection equipment at various locations throughout the network for the purpose of detecting wheel variances and sticking brakes.

This equipment can also be utilised to detect train speeds and we can now advise that it will officially be used for that purpose from mid December 2015.

Any over-speed detected above 5-10kph will be automatically reported to RMC and will be treated as an incident. These will be investigated by the operator utilising data loggers and event recorders etc as an additional reference and significant over-speeds above 20kph will be reported to the regulator.

Please remember to always stick to the speed limits, and if you have any concerns about how the system is used please contact your local delegate or the office.

See the map of where the equipment will be placed:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.20.05 pm