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Victory for Junee drivers

Mar 18, 2011News

The RTBU have recently succeeded in stopping CountryLink imposing sub standard training for Drivers in the Junee Depot. CountryLink had sought to issue a “map” to Drivers as a training tool for what amounted to over 100kms of new track, at least 40 new signals and associated infrastructure changes.

Their argument for this was that these Junee Drivers were ”driving past the new track all the time” and “should be familiar with the changes”. The RTBU had corresponded with CountryLink over this issue for several months in an attempt to pre-empt any issue from arising as the previous General Manager had provided assurance that consultation would occur with the Depot and the RTBU Executive prior to implementation. However, CountryLink ploughed ahead regardless which placed the Junee – Melbourne XPT Service under threat. This finally brought them to their senses and realistic training was agreed.

The RTBU extends its congratulations to the Junee Depot Drivers for achieving this victory, they stood as one in opposition to this proposal and accepted nothing less than adequate training. Thanks must also go to the Victorian Loco Division who supported our claim for adequate training.