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Update on Railcorp restructure

Jun 1, 2012News

As you would be aware, the NSW Government recently announced that it is moving to cut Railcorp into two separate entities – Sydney Trains and NSW Trains.

Full details on what the restructure will look like in reality and the impact it will have on workers are yet to be clarified by the government, however the Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian has revealed that that it will mean job loss – primarily from managerial, supervisory and support roles in the first instance.

At this stage it is anticipated that the restructure will take 12 to 18 months to establish the new entities.

The creation of the two subsidiary companies will see workers moved from Railcorp into the two corporations. It has been confirmed that workers that are moved to the subsidiaries will be covered under the 2010 Railcorp EA.

The RTBU and other transport unions have met with Transport for NSW and will continue to meet on a fortnightly basis to discuss plans for the restructure and the proposed voluntary redundancies. All unions are particularly angry about the fact the government didn’t consult with workers or the unions before announcing the restructure and job losses in the media. We’ll be ensuring workers are given their right to proper consultation before any further decisions are made.

The Locomotive Division will be watching the issue carefully in the coming months to make sure all rights and conditions are maintained.