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Union denies millipedes behind WA crash

The WA branch of the RTBU has dismissed claims that an infestation of Portuguese millipedes was behind a train crash that resulted in several passengers being treated for minor injuries.
The Public Transport Authority claimed that the collision between two trains at around 6.40am at the Clarkson Railway Station could have been the result of millipedes on the line, however the union says the real cause was an unsafe shunting practice.
Drivers on the day reported slippery conditions on the track, but despite the conditions the PTA conducted a shunting move that is known for being dangerous in the wet.
The PTA has refused to allow driver OSH representatives to investigate, and have instead said that they will provide the information once their investigator has concluded the investigation.
The driver OSH Reps have had held meetings with Worksafe seeking advice on the PTA’s conduct. Under the Act, OSH Reps are required to be allowed to perform their functions without hindrance.
Driver OSH Reps have requested that a Worksafe Inspector is brought in to investigate their claim.