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UK MPs warn against plans to break up the rail

Jul 18, 2012News

Debate is raging in the UK over the conservative government’s plans to breakup track operator. Network Rail, and curb funding, which those opposed say will result in the loss of thousands of jobs, higher fares, cuts in services and more crowded trains.

Over 1000 MPs have signed a motion criticising the proposal, saying the proposal to break up the track operator will make the railways more complex and less efficient and ignore experience from other areas, such as Europe. The motion has gained cross-party support.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the UK situation is very interesting, especially in light of recent events in NSW.

“The issues with rail seem to be similar across the world – the community and workers believe the rail system should be run as a public service with affordable fares and adequate staffing levels, but many governments just see our railways as an opportunity to cut costs,“ Mr Hayden said.

“The big worry with privatisation of railways in any country is that the focus shifts from providing the public and workers with a quality service, to ensuring the company is making a good profit margin.”

“The fact that it’s raised so much concern from all political persuasions in the UK is very interesting indeed.”

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