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Transport Master Plan released – but will it deliver?

Sep 4, 2012News

The NSW Government’s long-awaited draft Transport Master Plan has been released, with a second harbour crossing and a CBD light rail extension forming part of the government’s plan for the future.

Also contained in the plan are the completion of the South West Rail Link and the extension of a new single deck service to Bankstown and Hurstville.

However despite a promising wish list, the plan fails to give a concrete timeline or funding sources for most of the major infrastructure projects outlined.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the lack of concrete detail would be a concern for workers and commuters alike, who are tired of seeing promising reports that don’t result in real action.

“We’ve had announcement after announcement, but fact is that we’re still looking at the same out-dated transport system we’ve always had which is struggling under the pressure of our growing needs,” Bob Hayden said.

“The rail plans outlined in the Master Plan look promising, but until we see the details of when and how it will be rolled out, there’s always the concern that the plan could end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust like many before it.

“Things obviously can’t be delivered overnight, but we were really hoping this report would contain some real targets and timeframes so that workers and commuters know where the priorities lie and how long it will be until things are actually delivered.

Bob Hayden said one glaring oversight of the plan is the separation of freight and passenger trains.

“It’s disappointing that there’s absolutely no mention of the need to allow for the separation of freight and passenger trains through the metropolitan area. It’s a glaring oversight that we’ll be suggesting the government address prior to the final plan being released.

“It is however, very encouraging to see some of the infrastructure needs we told the government should be prioritised in the mix – things like the second harbour crossing and the light rail extension.

“If we’re to develop a truly successful transport system in NSW, these are critical pieces of the puzzle. It’s great to see that the government has listened to our feedback and included them in the draft plan.”

The RTBU will be consulting with members to get feedback on the plan.

Click here to see a full copy of the Transport Master Plan.

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