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Tell Albanese to Keep Our Railways Safe

Jul 19, 2012News

The RTBU has grave concerns about the National Transport Commission’s ability to deal with rail transport safety effectively, and is calling on Transport Minister Albanese to take real action to address the safety concerns.

At the recent ALP conference, the RTBU’s motion to abolish the NTC, replace it with separate bodies covering freight and public transport and give the Australian Transport Safety Bureau oversight of safety issues gained cross-factional support.

Loco Division Secretary said it’s critical Transport Minister Albanese takes action to ensure safety is put first.

“The National Transport Commission has shown that it’s not in a position to deal with our rail transport safety,” Bob Hayden said.

“It’s time the government shifted responsibility to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau – where we’ve got more

“The NTC’s recommendation to standardise rail safety laws across all states meant the 12-hour shift limit implemented in NSW as a result of the inquiry into the Waterfall and Glenbrook rail disasters would have been scrapped. We can’t have an oversight body which doesn’t take research into account looking after safety in our industry.

Go to http://www.saferailways.org/ to find out more and to tell Minister Albanese that safety on our rail networks should be central to the Federal’s Government’s transport agenda.

The website contains information on what you can do to tell Albanese to act including:

Tweet him
The Transport Minister loves Twitter. Send him a message and let him know we need to keep our railways safe.

Send him a letter
Download our letter here, fill in your details and edit as you like. Then pop it in the post and let the Transport Minister know that you want to see real action on keeping our railways safe.

Sign the petition
Add your voice calling on the Government to keep our railways safe by signing the online petition. You can also use this downloadable version.

Send a postcard
Download it here