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Tangara TMS Upgrade

Oct 30, 2015News

There are plans underway to replace the original TMS computer system on Tangara trains with a tailored version of the current TOS system on the OSCARs.

The RTBU recently attended a workshop along with WHS representatives to discuss the issue, which is part of the overall refurbishment of the Tangara set.

The refurbishment also includes electric passenger doors, installation of internal CCTV with in cab surveillance screens and the removal of the existing guards seat which will eventually be replaced with a forward facing seat.

It was proposed that the new TOS system would only be installed in cars one and eight and not in the middle cabs. Guards would have limited access to the system via the CCTV surveillance screens. This would mean that Tanagra’s would be semi permanently coupled while in service however, they can be divided in a maintenance centre for shunting purposes.

There will be further workshops held later in the year and in 2016 to discuss the various capabilities of this system and its application on Tangara trains.

Members will be kept informed on the progress of this project.