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Sydney Trains reform – still no detail

Sep 11, 2015News

We still don’t have any specific details about the ‘reform’ process at Sydney Trains.

A further meeting was recently held with Loco Division representative and Sydney Trains to discuss the logistics and structure of future ‘reform’ meetings.

We have agreed to meet with them again next week, to further progress the structure of the process and discuss how to best engage with and get feedback from members on any issue/matter Sydney Trains may wish to discuss as contained in Clause 12 of the EA.

The Division is planning to have a “reform” consultative structure which provides an opportunity for:

– The maximum participation of all Depot / Workplace Organisers, Divisional Council Delegates, and

– Maximum involvement by members in the process via regular Depot Meetings, Depot / Workplace Organiser meetings, information bulletins, email trees and the use of LocoExpress.

We are currently having developed a dedicated “Reform” link button for LocoExpress, which will provide a one stop link to everything the Division sends out to members and a “Reform” email address for members to send in questions and comments on what is being proposed.

Members are reminded that they will get the final say (via a vote) on whether any change occurs to the items contained in Clause 12 of the Sydney Trains EA, after being given the full details on any particular issue.

See the full footplate here.