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Sydney Trains reform meeting again leave more questions than answers

Sep 17, 2015News

RTBU Train Crew representatives met with Sydney Trains again this week in an attempt to get more information about management’s proposed ‘reform’ process.

The union reps included:

  • Robert Hayden – Locomotive Divisional Secretary
  • Michael Cartwright – Organiser
  • Brett Rosser – Locomotive Divisional President (Penrith)
  • Andrew Holt – Locomotive Divisional Assistant Secretary – Blacktown
  • Mark McClymont – Locomotive Division – Cronulla
  • Farren Campbell – Locomotive Division – Flemington
  • Andrew Cox – Locomotive Division – Waterfall
  • Bruce Gale – Guards Sub-Division – Leppington
  • Craig Turner – Guards Sub-Division – Hornsby
  • Chris Drady – Guards Sub-Division – Cronulla
  • Joanne Bailey – Guards Sub-Division – Waterfall
  • Raghbir S Bal – Guards Sub-Division – Blacktown

The company’s major focus of the “Future Operations” reforms is how they continue to function with the same number of employees given their projected increase in passenger numbers – by 2018, the company predicts an additional 300,000 passengers; by 2024 that will increase to an additional one million. Their answer at the moment appears to be to increase and/or change the way train crew work.

Again, the meeting left the RTBU representatives with more questions than answers.

On the agenda today was the ‘Aggregate Allowances’ item as found in clause 12.1 of our current enterprise agreement.

After a discussion around what Sydney Trains is seeking to achieve in relation to aggregate allowances, we were handed four documents (see below) which created a lot of discussion and questions – the majority of which have unfortunately remained unanswered.

The four documents are as follows:

* Simplified Pay – Current Claims / Allowance Complexity
* Simplified Pay – Train Crew Payments (FY14/15)
* Simplified Pay – Allocation of Claim / Allowances (FY14/15)
* Simplified Pay – Allocation of Claims / Allowances (FY14/15)

Sydney Trains advised that the figures in the documents were based on a review they had done by PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) of 24000 pay/claim sheets for the 2014/ 15 year.

Critically, the figures are based on allowances, actually claimed and paid, as opposed to what crew would actually be entitled to. The company has agreed to bring PWC representatives to the next meeting in an attempt to explain the relevance and basis of the figures in the documents.

The union will continue to pass on all the information we get out of these meetings. Unless you hear it from the union, it is likely a rumour and you should contact your delegate or divisional office to get the facts.

A reminder that as a result of a clause we got in the 2014 enterprise agreement, none of the changes currently being discussed can be implemented without your agreement. Everything must go to a vote.

If you have any questions about the reform process, please don’t hesitate to contact the RTBU Division office.

The date of the next meeting is still to be confirmed.
All depots/sub-divisions will be represented on a rotational basis throughout the meetings.