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Sydney Trains introduces ‘refresher’ course

Nov 7, 2014News

Sydney Trains is proposing to run a skills refresher course to assist drivers who are apparently as far as Sydney Trains is concerned, “struggling to meet the business standards”.

It is proposed that drivers who have had NAPODs, Fail to Stops, Overshoots or any “Operational Incident” attend this so called “refresher” course to receive the “help they require in order to improve their standards”.

Drivers who are currently on a PCIP will also be rostered to attend this course.

The Loco Division rejected the first proposed version of this course because it contained a number of errors and was very threatening in its content. The second version supplied was a slight improvement however glaring issues still remain about what the intent and final outcomes will be to drivers who find themselves in this situation.

Loco Delegates and rostered train crew participated in the first workshop and contributed feedback on its contents in an effort to provide improvements. Members will be informed as this matter progresses.