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Sydney Trains attempts to force standbys on platforms

Nov 7, 2013News

Sydney Trains recently attempted to direct drivers to standby on the platform with the Shift Manager, instead of in the approved meal or standby room as is the normal practice.

This attempt was stopped by the RTBU, and Sydney Trains finally agreed to consult over the proposal.

Sydney Trains sent correspondence to the union outlining their proposal, which includes having drivers standby on the actual platform at certain locations with shift managers so that they’re in place to relieve any incoming driver if required.

Obviously, with reliefs affected in accordance with diagramed working, the likelihood of this occurring would be remote. As members will be aware, the affecting of any required reliefs should be allocated by the responsible Supervisor from TCAC.

To better understand this proposal the RTBU has requested full and concise list of all locations where this is proposed to better understand the implications.

Members will be kept informed as the matter progresses.