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Suburban driving training back on track

May 19, 2014News

The suburban driver training course came under severe pressure recently, which resulted in rostering issues that had a negative impact on the course and its participants.

One of the critical issues was the number of available driver trainers to meet the requirements of the agreed course and the number of trainees involved.

As a direct consequence Loco Division head office, through the driver training steering committee representatives, argued the pros and cons with Sydney Trains management and as a result it was decided to introduce a number of acting driver trainer positions to cover the shortages.

The successful applicants (approx – 50) have now all received the appropriate training for the position and have been activated into the network, easing the pressure on the training program, driver trainers and trainees alike.

During the recruitment process there were several concessions won on behalf of the members, including the type of training required, driver trainer rate of pay for all purposes, number of positions available and no change to current conditions and drivers working arrangements, to name but a few.

The Loco Division congratulates the successful members who achieved the position and offer their support during the period of the EOI. See DTSC reps Paul Foster, Andrew Holt or Head Office for more information or assistance.