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Stand for Workers site launched

Dec 5, 2013News

Australian Unions has launched a new website and email campaign, calling on Federal MPs to stand up for workers and their families.

The site, www.standforworkers.org.au, came about following the Abbott Government’s first two sitting weeks in office.

Australian Unions says that the Abbott Government’s agenda already has worrying signs for workers.

“We know the government is listening to big business but they need to listen to you,” the standforworkers.org.au says.

“Business groups are raising the volume: calling for the scrapping of penalty rates, slashing minimum wage, cutting important services and numerous other changes that would change the Australian way of life.”

The www.standforworkers.org.au site gives supporters the tools to email their MPs and call on them to:

– Protect essential services and jobs from big business’s government razor gang.

– Ensure the rights of all workers to be the treated the same by rejecting a secret body into the building and construction industry.

– Respect the role of unions as member-led organisations and understand they are not corporations with bottomless pockets.

– Maintain the independence of the Fair Work Commission as Australia’s industrial umpire.

– Support Australian industries and jobs.

– Ensure all people can retire from work in dignity with a fair superannuation where low income earners are helped by the wealthy – not the other way around.

– Ensure that the minimum wage is fair pay for a fair day’s work.

– Protect our way of life by guaranteeing people are compensated for giving up weekends, nights or holidays with decent rates of pay.

– Deliver on equitable schools and childcare funding to give all kids a good start to their lives.

To get involved, go to www.standforworkers.org.au