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Shorts are back – big win on Sydney Trains uniforms

May 13, 2015News

After a long battle, Sydney Trains has finally agreed to change its uniforms for train crew. Shorts are now back, polo shirts are coming and the business shirts will now be made from a more appropriate material.

Workers have been complaining about the new Sydney Trains uniform since it was first introduced, saying that it wasn’t appropriate for the working conditions.

The Loco Division conducted a survey of members which revealed significant numbers of workers have also been experiencing severe itchy and discomfort as a result of the material the uniform is made from.

The union has been constantly feeding back information to management about the need to rectify the inappropriate uniforms – a move which finally paid off early this week when management agreed to change its policy.

The initial change will be the issuing of a polo style shirt to all employees (which was originally requested) which will be issued in July/August. The business shirts are to be replaced with a more open weave design (similar to the previous blue issue) which will largely negate the heat and sweat-related issues of the current design. Material has been sourced for this shirt and should be available to trial in August which, if successful, will result in a rollout later this year.

For those who choose to do so, the current issue trousers can now be altered into knee length shorts with crew to be reimbursed the reasonable cost of the alteration. The shorts are to be worn with black ankle socks.

Further discussions with management will continue while these changes are occurring with members kept informed as to the progress of the rollout.

Members wishing to order the new polo shirts or submit trousers alteration expenses should contact their relevant shift manager.

The Loco Division would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who supported the recent survey and actively supported this successful and required change.

Note: An earlier version of this article didn’t make it clear that the uniform change, at this stage, is for train crew only. We apologise for any confusion.