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Shift manager training dispute

May 26, 2015News

Concerns around shift managers being trained to detect train faults and failures have now been put to bed, with the dispute being resolved.

It was recently brought to the Loco Division’s attention that there were plans to have Sydney Trains shift managers “up-skilled” in train faults and failures. This prompted obvious concerns given these are non-operational staff and the plans hadn’t been run past the union.

The Loco Division disputed the move and following the escalation of this dispute, a meeting was held with senior management of Sydney Trains where evidence was produced that clearly indicated the intention to implement this training in a certain area.

Management denied its intention to change the non-operational capability of shift managers, saying that its original intention was to provide a more enhanced knowledge of the drivers duties in order to better facilitate the shift managers overall understanding of the drivers roles and responsibilities. It further explained the evidence provided as being a misunderstanding and a communications failure.

Having said this, management committed to providing correspondence to the RTBU which outlines the full details of its intended proposal which will be followed with further consultation if required.