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Secretary’s wrap

Jul 10, 2015Secretary's run-down

It seems as though the current Premier isn’t all that fussed about commuter safety. Just last week he and the Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, were out and about spruiking their plans for the driverless Sydney Metro.

We know the potential dangers and problems of driverless trains (especially in the long narrow tunnels). We believe that commuters won’t like them, due to amongst other things the need to change from metro to the suburban system to compete a journey, but the Premier seems intent on pushing ahead with his plans. 

We also heard the big news last week that Canadian based company, the Brookfield Infrastructure Group, is considering to make a formal 100% take over of Asciano (owners of Pacific National Rail Business Group) for a reported $9billion.

The Asciano CEO confirmed the offer in an email to employees, but has just to provide any further detail on what it means, particularly for workers.

The Loco Division will be attempting to get information out of management and will let members know as soon as we get word. We’ll certainly be arguing to ensure members aren’t negatively affected by any potential takeover.

The current and never ending rationalisation of the PN Rail Business looks more like a slash and burn exercise to cuts cost to make it more attractive for such a potential takeover, irrespective of the personal and financial hardship being experienced by those employees affected by forced redundancies and the lack of compassion being shown by PN Bulk towards affected employees.

Last week the Loco Division appeared in the FWC after initiating a dispute with Pacific National about their labour rationalisation process at Cootamundra, Parks and IBT and the impacts this was having on members. More detail on this can be found in the recent locoexpress article.

I trust you’ll enjoy this edition of Loco Express. Stay safe on the tracks.


Bob Hayden

Secretary, Loco Division