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Secretary’s wrap

May 15, 2015News

We had a big win this week – Sydney Trains management has finally agreed to provide train crew with an improved uniform.

As you’d all know, this has been a long running saga. The Sydney Trains uniforms have beenBob-Hayden-Divisional-Secretary unpopular since they were first introduced and the Loco Division has been fighting to have the problem rectified on the basis that the uniforms aren’t suitable for the work we do.

You can read more about the win in the articles below, but the short of it is that common sense has finally prevailed. This isn’t the end of it – there are more members with uniform issues – but this is a great start.

We also a win in the Fair Work Commission recently, with another long-running dispute – this time about driver training at Mortdale – finally reaching agreement.

Drivers at Mortdale, which has been impacted by infrastructure changes in the area, will now have the opportunity to traverse the new track and get the required briefings. It’s a big win for safety.

Finally, thanks for all your patience during the bad storms recently. We know that it was a difficult time for many members and your families, and we hope that you managed to get through the disastrous period without too much pain.

I trust you’ll enjoy this edition of Loco Express. Stay safe on the tracks.

Bob Hayden
Secretary, Loco Division