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Secretary’s wrap

Nov 28, 2014Secretary's run-down

The new Sydney Trains and NSW Trains uniforms have caused problems since the moment they were released.Bob-Hayden-Divisional-Secretary

In the heat of a NSW summer, banning workers from wearing shorts and forcing them into impractical uniforms made from inferior materials is unbelievable. But that’s exactly what has happened – despite a very long and hard-fought battle from the union to stop it. Management showed absolutely no desire to alter their uniforms designs to suit the work the people wearing them will undertake.

Rejecting the use of shorts is just another sign of how out of touch Sydney Trains management is when it comes to the everyday welfare of its employees.

We’re not giving up the fight though. A survey of Sydney Trains members is currently doing the rounds so that we can present management will a complete list of issues with the uniforms in the hope they will see the impracticalities and show some common sense on the issue. From there, we’ll do the same with NSW Trains.

In other news, the RTBU union elections have now come to a close. While the official results are not just back from the Australian Electoral Commission, we’re very pleased to announce that Alex Claassens has again been voted in as State Secretary of our union.

Congratulations to everyone who nominated, particularly those who have won positions, and also to those members who took the time to vote in this important election.

I trust you all enjoy this edition of Loco Express.

Bob Hayden
Loco Division Secretary